Hands :: Volume 1 (Digital)

Hands :: Volume 1 (Digital)

TOBOGGAN CONTROL - The deck is dribbled from hand to hand until the spectator asks the magician to stop, whereupon the card that was stopped on is seen, memorized and replaced. Amidst these movements the selection has been secretly shifted to the top of the deck.

GIZA CONTROL - The magician riffles his thumb down the side of the deck until the spectator asks him to stop. He side-steps the upper half and asks the participant to remember whatever card it is that they see. The two halves are cleanly pushed back together, yet secretly the selection has been controlled to the bottom.

GIZA FORCE - The deck is riffled and a card stopped on. The magician side-steps the deck at that spot and requests that the participant remember it. The card has now been forced. As a nice bonus the selection ends up on top of the deck as it is being squared.

Each and every one of these techniques was developed and refined by Eric over a period of many years. These moves are not only fun but also practical and highly effective. If you want to spice up your card handling skills, check out Volume 1 of Hands!

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