This gold label (and FINAL!) edition of one of Eric's most popular creations is a fifty-page PDF that will teach you how to take a commonly-neglected prop in magic and turn it into a powerful and memorable tool of mental destruction. With brand-new explanations and formatting, you'll learn how to effectively divine the spectator's choice of card, cause them to name the EXACT position of that same card in a ribbon spread with NO manipulation and THEY THEMSELVES will prove that it was all in the cards to begin with when the selection ends up on top of a freely named packet IN THEIR HANDS! The PDF even goes so far as to describe THREE DIFFERENT possible endings including one option where you can hand out your business card to EVERYONE and ANYONE you perform this for without fear of someone saying "No thanks". Bonus content includes a unique Triumph-style application of the prop as well as an amazing alternate ending of the basic routine from Eric's friend Ron Hodges.

“Kudos to you Eric. You have come up with a real world piece of awesome here!"
-Adam Wilber

"This...is very well thought out. I can truly appreciate the time that you have put into this book. With all the tips and phases presented along with the great explanation, anyone is capable of performing this solid routine...Great stuff Eric.”
-Casshan Wallace

"HAPPENSTANCE is the result of great thinking combined with love for the art. It is truly enhancing the quality of magic. Great work!"
-Kevin Schaller 

"If you are looking for a creative, organic and ultimately stunning worker to incorporate into your sets that engages multiple audience members that they won’t stop asking to see while taking literally no difficult sleight of hand, you came to the right place."
-Jakob Michaels 

“Eric has opened my eyes to the possibilities of what this deck is capable of…clear and brilliant as always.”
-Ken Margoe


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