Magic Upside Down (Digital)

Magic Upside Down (Digital)

Originally written and created for the Monday Night Magic Jam Group in Tustin, California, Magic Upside Down contains seven of Eric's previously unpublished effects and routines that cover a range of genres, including cards, coins, ball bearings and even a super-cool method for creating an impromptu impression pad!

LITTLE DEVIL - A devastatingly powerful (yet astonishingly simple) Do As I Do effect that can be done with any borrowed deck of cards.

MOVEMENT - A multiple-rising-card routine where the wrong card not only rises on its own, but shifts itself BACK IN, only to be replaced by the correct card!

THE HARD PART - A fascinating CAAN/Transpo combination effect that shows the magician's skill in an extraordinary (and seemingly plausible) way.

UNUS - A stunningly visual one-coin routine inspired by the work of Francis Menotti.

VELLUM COIN - A to-scale photo of a freely-chosen coin is easily bent back and forth, yet when turned around is seen to have a REAL matching coin glued directly to it, making the feat impossible!

IRON IN MY BLOOD - The magician's hands are shown to be empty, yet after mentioning how much iron he has in his system, a genuine ball bearing is squeezed out of his fist into the hands of the spectator.

QUESTIONABLE IMPRESSIONS - A wonderful demonstration of impromptu mind-reading that utilizes the last method you would ever think of!

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