Prism Paddle

Prism Paddle



Now you too can own the prop that made Eric's name. This variation of the classic hot rod is perfect for situations where you need an effect or routine that is quick, visual, and flashy. The bright stickers are easy to see from a distance and the size of the rod itself makes it easy to manipulate. The options we offer are as follows:


Single Paddle (Unaltered): This is the standard Prism Paddle. Six colors on one side and a red force color on the other side.


Single Paddle (Altered): Made for those that want to end completely clean. Perform your standard hot rod routine and then switch your normal Prism Paddle for this special examinable one. Comes with either six colors on both sides or red on both sides; what you receive will be randomly selected.


Double Paddle Deal: Includes two unaltered Prism Paddles; perfect for Eric's Color Stix routine that is available on most online magic retail websites.


Triple Paddle Deal: Includes two unaltered Prism Paddles plus one altered Prism Paddle for those that want extra flexibility during a routine.


CCK Deal: This option is great for those that want to be able to perform the classic Color-Changing Knives routine with something that isn't stabby. Includes one unaltered Prism Paddle and one altered Prism Paddle.


One Side Blank (OSB) Paddle: Allows the performer to show the rod blank on both sides, followed by a magical production of all of the colors.


Two Sides Blank (TSB) Paddle: A completely blank Prism Paddle with nothing on either side that is ripe for complete customization.


Blank Paddle Deal: Includes both the OSB Paddle and the TSB Paddle.


    If you are at any time not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the items within 30 days from the time of purchase for a refund or credit minus shipping expenses. Just contact us and explain why you would like to return the item and, if approved, we will provide you with an address to send it back to. Refunds and or exchanges will be issued as soon as we receive the item(s) back. Thank you.

    NOTE: Products that have been used too much/damaged beyond recognition render the above policy null and void.


    All physical products are subject to shipping and handling costs based on location and will be sent via first class USPS mail with tracking numbers unless otherwise requested.