Skybound :: 2015 Lecture Notes (Digital)

Skybound :: 2015 Lecture Notes (Digital)

From visual card work to thought-provoking mentalism, Eric Stevens' highly-acclaimed Skybound lecture notes combine a classic style with modern thinking, providing an array of magical wonderments that are sure to make even the most skeptical layperson stand up and take notice.

LITTLE PETER PAYS TRIPLE - Eric's variation of the 3-Card Monte scam that pays off for your volunteer!

LAZYBONES - An impromptu coins across that can be performed with almost any set of small objects.

HAPPENSTANCE - Eric's popular revamped presentation for a classic prop.

GRADUAL REUBEN - A clever and highly deceptive method for the sandwich plot inspired by Larry Jennings' routine "The Searchers".

EXPEDITION - Four freely thought-of cards from four randomly chosen spectators vanish completely from the deck and appear in four different pockets on the magician's person - NO palming involved.

ROOK ASSEMBLY - Eric's rework of Edward Marlo's classic "Bluff Ace Assembly".

LUCID GLIMPSE - A unique method for determining the value of a freely-selected card that uses no shiners or gimmicked card boxes and resets instantly.

THE WALL - A prediction taped to a card box that has been signed or initialed by a spectator beforehand to prove that it is never switched out matches her freely named shape, number or word – every single time.

AQUA PURA - Red and black cards that have been pulled from the deck separate, transpose and then the routine finally ends with a kicker NOBODY sees coming. Includes optional shot glass production finish.


*Some of the effects described within will require one or more props to be purchased separately.*

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