The Champion - Puzzle Lock

The Champion - Puzzle Lock



Modeled after the classic padlock shape, you shouldn't let the simplicity of this unique puzzle fool you - The Champion is more difficult than it appears. While not extremely hard, solving it will require the individual to pay close attention to the details. The goal is to successfully execute all six moves in order to open the shackle. The lock is constructed almost entirely from playing cards, making it functional and a piece of art.


Your beautiful ESP box (numbered uniquely out of a limited run of 100) includes the puzzle, a hand-signed introductory letter, a large envelope containing the solution, a small envelope containing the clue and a plastic stand that you can use to proudly display the puzzle on your shelf or coffee table.


Please note: Due to the handcrafted nature of these puzzles and my workload, it may take up to a month before yours is built, packaged and shipped.


Also note: If you select the "Custom Option" button, you will be sent an email asking what kind of deck you would like used for your puzzle. Choosing the "Custom Option (Deck Supplied)" button means that you will have to send the deck or decks that you want the puzzle built out of to our address.


    Due to the handmade nature of this product, returns are not accepted. However, if the item arrives significantly damaged I would be perfectly happy with sending you a replacement or refunding your money.