The Wall 2.0

The Wall 2.0

Originally created by Eric as the closer of a competition act that won him 1st Place and People's Choice awards, The Wall 2.0 is an updated version of that initial invention.


The effect is simple: Every member of the audience is asked to close their eyes and think of a memory, a moment that changed their life forever in a positive way. They are then asked to think of a sentence that describes that memory, followed by a single word. An audience member is chosen at random to say their thought-of word out loud and, though the performer could not have possibly known what the memory was, the word has somehow been perfectly predicted.


This new utility system, which up until now was only available at Eric's lectures, allows the performer to predict virtually anything, whether it be a word, a shape, a color, or even a sequence of numbers. You can even perform a visual penetration of a pen through your card box! Very little work is necessary on the part of the magician as the expertly hand-crafted gimmick does almost everything for you.


Includes the gimmicked card box and a link to the explanation video.


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