Thought Space

Thought Space

The 158-page book contains the following:


WHAT IS THOUGHT SPACE? - My introduction explaining the title and purpose of the book.


KILL BILL - In which a word written on a randomly selected piece of bill perfectly matches a prediction written by the magician.


CHARMING REDUX - My handling of Troy Hooser's "Charming Chinese Challenge" using just one coin instead of three.


SALT, STRAW, SPECTACULAR - A borrowed drinking straw penetrates through an ungimmicked salt shaker.


A GRAIN OF SALT - A shaker vanishes from between a participant's hands and reappears back in the condiment holder.


SHAKER-THRU-WINDOW - A salt shaker is magically pushed through a diner window, to be found on the ground outside directly beneath it. Unsigned, initialed and signed variations included!


PIGMENT STACK - A special stack that allows you to do some killer things!


THE COLOR OF MEMORY - This one hits laypeople AND magicians hard. The performer uses his intuition and memory to not only correctly divine the colors of freely cut-to cards, but also manages to separate the deck into red and black cards without looking. No markings of any kind.


THE PADDLE MOVE: A BRIEF DISSERTATION - I walk you through how I believe the paddle move should be accomplished in order to make it as deceptive as possible.


POLYCHROMATIC CONNECTION - My full hot rod routine that elevates this classic prop from a toy to a tool of mental destruction.


OCULAR FORCE - A highly deceptive optical illusion-based sleight that allows you to cleanly force one or more cards.


OCULAR ACES - Four participants choose "lucky" cards from a shuffled deck that seem to be nothing special, until the magician deals down cards in the deck according to the values of the selections, locating the four aces!


SO IT GOES: AN ESSAY - A short essay on how Kurt Vonnegut influenced my magic and why you should let him influence yours.


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