Can You Crack the Code?

The Unique Art & Mystery of Playing Card Puzzle Boxes

I am the only person in the world (as far as my research as suggested) that designs and constructs puzzle boxes out of playing cards. Each puzzle is 100% handmade and requires hours of painstaking work to build. Though there are only a few models shown below, many more are coming. Sign up for my newsletter to stay updated as I go along! If you are interested in purchasing any of my puzzles, please send me a message directly through this site, making sure to specify what color or pattern that you would prefer. I offer a variety of options, so if you need a list I would happy to provide you with one.

You may also contact me to commission a completely customized puzzle box of any difficulty for you, a friend or a loved one.


The Tumbler

$20 - Difficulty: Level 2

This is a cool little puzzle. The Tumbler is so named for the physical nature of its solution, and was designed as a fun and challenging gift box for friends and family. Whether you insert cash or a gift card, the prize can be seen through the two circular windows on the upper panel, incentivizing the process and making the victory all the sweeter.

The Verso

$35 - Difficulty: Level 3

This is currently my favorite of all of my puzzle designs. The Verso is a beautiful little drawer box that is quite special due to its single-step solution. It may seem simple at first, but the secret is actually very well hidden.


The DaVinci

Currently Unavailable - Difficulty: Level 4

The DaVinci was my first-ever playing card puzzle, and, though it is still being improved and refined, I am very proud of how the original turned out. With three moving coded wheels and over 60 individual parts total making it up, this puzzle can only be solved by digging deeply into the history of Leonardo DaVinci, the inventor of the first cryptex.

The Champion

$45 - Difficulty: Level 5

This is the first in a series of padlock-style puzzles that I will be introducing to the community. This particular puzzle requires 6 moves in order to open the shackle. Though the sequence required is simple, discovering this padlock's secrets may not be so easy.


The Rookie

Currently Unavailable - Difficulty: Level 3

This is the easier version of my large padlock The Champion. It requires fewer moves in order to solve it (4 versus 6), and is much more compact. Things are still being tweaked, so check back to make sure you grab one as soon as they are available again!

The Custom Puzzle Box

$100 - Difficulty: Varies

This is a popular option. Once purchased, I will send you a list of ten very special questions for the intended recipient to answer, whether that be you or somebody that you are gifting the puzzle to. Once the answers have been sent back to me, I then design and build a one-of-a-kind puzzle box where each and every triumph over an obstacle is meant as a moment of self-discovery. That way, the solving process is not just a mental challenge, but also an emotional journey.


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